julian hillebrand

My Mission Statement for 2017

I am going on a journey!

2017 will be a very interesting and exciting year. The speed of new technologies and their degree of economic impact is growing ever day. My goal for 2017 is to make sense of all these different technology streams, how they play together and what they will mean for our life. I don´t have the solution, yet. This is why I would like to invite you to follow me on my journey to bring these changes into a structure.

How do these technologies play together, how do businesses have to adapt to this and what implications will that have for our lives? What technological development will be most important in 2017?

There are some many aspects and I can´t focus on all. So I will pick my personal favourites. This decision is simply based on gut feeling; maybe I´m right, maybe I´m wrong. That´s what I want to find out.


[one_half_last boxed=“true“ centered_text=“true“] 2016 was the year that Blockchain took off in terms of media attention. The technology will drastically change organisations and societies. But companies did not figure out how. How can they apply this groundbreaking technology to their own business processes? [/one_half_last]

Deep Learning

[one_half_last boxed=“true“ centered_text=“true“]I think that Deep Learning will enable unsupervised learning for the masses. Algorithms powered by Deep Learning already won the game of Go, can translate languages they don´t even know and enable complete individualisation of marketing processes. This will lay the foundation for true Artificial Intelligence. [/one_half_last]

Conversational AI

[one_half_last boxed=“true“ centered_text=“true“]Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google Home are just a few examples. Conversational AI will enable high-level conversational conversations. This has the potential to change our lives completely. But what are these changes exactly and how do companies join the bandwagon?[/one_half_last]

Data Science

[one_half_last boxed=“true“ centered_text=“true“]Data Science will surely play in important role in all these trends. But what role exactly? 2017 could be the year where we finally find out what is the best language for most data analysis tasks (hopefully R 😉 ). I think we have to tell more stories with data and not just end the analysis with fancy visualisations. Combining internal and external data can gain valuable insights.[/one_half_last]
Are you also interested in these technology changes? I find it really exciting to see how this will all play together and shape tomorrow´s world.

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